What business should a mega-brand like McDonald’s get into next?

Launch McDonalds Coffee Shops!

This brand extension will explore and exhaust a whole new potential market where McDonalds’ brand salience and leverage could be fully exploited. McDonalds is the leader in satisfying customer’s needs
through a rigorous system of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value by holding a unique position that appeals to kids and adults alike.

The McD’ Cafes would be ideal in making use of the coffee cultures which can be growing throughout the globe. These coffee cultures dominated by Starbucks and private cafes attract people that pay excessive prices for coffee to gain access to the coffee experience. This experience has great commercial opportunities since these consumers have an overabundance of in-store time to be exposed to (McDonalds) communications and promotions.

Significantly, nowadays people look for coffee shops as time-killers on their way for the cinema, take-away, or finding comfort work. They are searching for a short-term experience that is fast with excellent service in a reasonable price.

McD Cafes could be separate entities from your fast-food restaurants but placed near them plus directly near Starbucks locations. Semiotics and the standby time with the infamous ‘M’ logo enables for immediate recognition, credibility and belief from the start-up. Nevertheless for further differentiation from your fast-food image, the famous ‘red’ theme could be replaced by the ‘grey/black’ colours which might be sometimes utilized in certain countries. Also introducing convenient seating with kid’s areas taps into the parents-accompanying-kids market that rarely experience fast food restaurants; so children are not entirely excluded using this adult experience.

McDonalds is recognized for being open until late along with their Cafes would thus match the huge consumer demand from club/bar goers and tourists that would subscribe to a brandname that enables these phones enjoy their coffee experience every time they desire.

McDonalds’ vast global reach and prime locations permit instant worldwide saturation, and their lower prices in comparison with Starbucks etc would permeate countries where cafes are viewed a premium/luxury. Starbucks may offer expertise and tasting coffee, rather like KFC in chicken, but consumers will consume from McDonalds fast food restaurants as they can get the same knowledge of more affordable prices, better and faster service.

This venture will prove to add a commercially responsive market and additional worldwide engagement with brand McDonalds that ultimately fortifies the idea and loyalty to the brand.

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