One of the best ways to show your potential customers that you’re a polished professional is to have a well designed website. Most people are visual creatures and will form an immediate judgment about a website based on its appearance and how everything is laid out. What follows are some key points that will enable you to design your website in a way that will make the right impression on your visitors.

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Even though properly spelled words is not a part of design, it is related in a roundabout way. You will create a negative impression if your text has more than enough misspelled words to earn you a B or C grade on a paper. Avoid going through this situation and use a word processor like Microsoft Word to do a thorough spell-check of the content on your site. People are willing to forgive a misspelled word once in a great while, but after about three they may start to wonder. This is part of the deal when you are running an online business, and it actually is important. Placement of Content: An important design element is the proper placement of content on your website; your visitors shouldn’t have to be faced with large blocks of text that are unreadable. The formatting of the content that’s placed on each of your pages should be well done, so that the content is effectively organized. Too much unbroken text can be exhausting and off-putting, so use white space as much as possible to create a more open feeling. Anyone with a site that’s content-rich has to be careful to give people a break from too much text. The longer people remain on your site, the better for you, and they’ll stay longer if they find the design appealing.

Once you’ve created the final design and everything’s live, you need to test everything out to make sure the changes are okay, and there’s nothing wrong. Format checks on your sites are very good to do, and that is especially true after major updates. Do not assume any small change will not cause a problem and lead you to ignore checking it.

You really can make a pretty big difference with all your sites by adhering to solid website design guidelines. You can always make changes to your site design, but it is generally not a good idea to make large changes.
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