Istanbul is one of my favorite cities on earth. A mix of new and oldold, shopping and historyAsia, Europe and shopping, Istanbul provides some thing for anyone, particularly the frugal traveler.

The Glowing blue Mosque

As I think about Istanbul art work, I think about stunning light blue and bright white tiles without any where will a visitor get a lot more gorgeous types of 17th century Blue Iznik floor tiles than in the Blue Mosque. The entrance payment costs nothing but because it is a faith based web site, ladies need to provide a go scarf (I always move with one particular) and attire modestly.

The Huge Bazaar

This, one of several largest included marketplaces worldwide, is how the thrifty tourist realizes gifts. Faves incorporatecarpets and tiles, and apple tea packages. Haggling is a must and shopkeepers are usually prolonged (although cheerful). The concept of private space differs than in The United States so expect to get up shut and personal. That is area of the exciting.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was a basilica, then a mosque, and today a museum. Typically when travelers see pictures of Istanbul, this building is showcased. It comes with an entry charge (about $10 You.S.) but the look at the 9th to 10th century mosaics are worth the cost. This page is rather populated so time appropriately.

Carpet Shopping

Carpeting purchasing in Turkey is an experience. Before them, shoppers are served the delicious apple tea in beautiful tea sets while carpets are unrolled. From the good carpets and rugs stores, vacationers could see original silk carpeting from areas including Hereke, each signed by the performer.

Fish Sandwiches

Over the Bosphorus, underneath the Galata Link, are little very little eating places specializing in the have to consume local foods in Istanbul, the species of fish sandwich. It is exactly as it sounds, sea food in bread, and enjoyed by the two locals and travelers. And they are generally highly affordable.

Istanbul, one of the best cities on the planet, has some thing to fascination anyone. You will find fantastic social scenery, unique buying encounters and inexpensive consuming choices.

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