Studio room 397 have introduced construct 1.33 with their eX No 2021 electronic race automobile in rFactor 2 previously – adding a variety of visible and physics changes which include the development of electricity regeneration.

Additional vitality regen.

New LED and animations lighting effects.

Physics upgrades.

The brand new upgrade dropped previously these days on the current RCCO eX No 2021 DLC auto in rFactor 2, and arrives complete with a nice list of new features linked to the electric PU as well as its behaviour on the circuit.

As arguably the most prominent of the new changes included within this latest build, the addition of energy regeneration adds another interesting aspect to the driving experience of the eX ZERO, as it allows players to restock their energy supply in the electric motor when hard on the brakes – similar in execution to the energy recovery solutions seen in Formula E.

Even though power regen would be the most notable transform in the driving encounter, the latest revise also brings along with it a wide range of visible improvements for the car at the same time, such as new wiper animated graphics, new Guided capabilities and changes to the a variety of default liveries that include the vehicle as regular.

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