You may write clever messages where you can large amount of fun utilizing a secret ink that only you understand how to make visible.

To create your ink, don’t use anything but harmless solutions. Around the trail, you can carry your bottles and writing materials along with you so they is going to be handy

Writing with secret ink to ensure that outsiders cannot read your message seriously isn’t simple as you might assume. If you utilize a clear, crisp penpoint your writing are not as secret as you like, for the point will scratch the paper slightly with every stroke. Even if the scratches are not visible to the human eye alone, they can be seen using a magnifier.

So that you should work with a smooth, broad penpoint. However, and also this has a drawback. The writing fluid leaves a little shine for the paper. If your strokes are extremely wide, the writing will probably be perfectly legible in the event the sheet is held at an angle to the light.

The best option writing tool can be a soft stick of wood sharpened to a degree. You can also utilize a toothpick.

Write on light-colored paper that’s not too thin, because thin paper wrinkles where it has been moistened. This wrinkling can betray the existence of invisible writing and in many cases allow it to be legible. The best thing is a good, hard-surface paper. Cautious writers never use blank sheets for their messages. Instead, they write some message with regular ink or pencil that can confuse the outsiders. They write the truly important message between your lines with invisible ink. This diverts a person’s eye of anyone not in on the secret from the possible traces from the dried invisible ink.

If you need to be really clever, combine the invisible ink using the normal writing. As an illustration, write a consistent message that’s confusing or meaningless. Then, using invisible ink, cross out some letters within the false message or place a dot over or under these letters in such a way include them as show the really important message.

You can make your invisible ink beyond any of the following liquids:

Onion juice

Lemon juice


Sugar and water

Milk thinned slightly with water

Water through which eggshells have been soaked for several days

After these fluids dry, they become invisible. To really make the writing reappear, carefully warm the sheet by holding the written side more than a flame. Lo and behold!-the writing is going to be visible in a faint brown color.

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