MedPro, Inc. is amongst the largest used cosmetic lasers equipment dealers in the World. We pay cash for used cosmetic lasers which are in excellent condition. In addition we sell used new, refurbished, reconditioned, pre-owned and remanufactured cosmetic lasers and also other equipment and supplies worldwide. Used cosmetic lasers are ordered by Physicians, centers, plastic surgeons and also used cosmetic lasers dealers and distributors.

Likely to excellent inventory of used cosmetic lasers and refurbished lasers, sometimes known as dermatology lasers. You can use them for plastic surgery, techniques, the state of michigan, acne cure and skin rejuvenation. Visit our used cosmetic lasers facts page for additional information.

The thing that makes MedPro cosmetic lasers so unique? We eliminate the Middle Man, and you also save the difference!

– Not all Spas, Clinics, Hospitals, Imaging Suites and Private Practices have to have the latest and most expensive Aesthetic, Diagnostic Imaging & Medical Equipment available. MedPro cosmetic lasers offers the world a way to improve the degree of patient care and grow competitive by upgrading their Aesthetic Lasers, Microdermabrasion, Cellulite Therapy, Ophthalmic Lasers, Cosmetic Lasers and general aesthetic equipment.

– The Net means us to succeed in Aestheticians, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologist, Hospitals and also Practices and Clinics of any size through the entire globe. We percieve an important rise in our sales since driving our business on-line. Healthcare institutions and providers are not only found looking for greater selection of equipment, they also want the re-seller to supply an expanded array of services, including logistics, reconditioning and re-warranty. These value-added services are available to every one a valued customers.

– Our offerings include networking, marketing and productivity tools. Our vast equipment array includes Cosmetic Lasers, Cellulite Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Ophthalmic Lasers, Surgical Lasers – all from numerous original equipment manufacturers! Save from 30% to over 70% by using our, Repossessed, Off-Lease, Trade, Consignment and Liquidations!

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