If you need to visit a city where history lives and breathes, where it’s still portion of everyday activity, visit Florence, Italy. As an important center within the medieval Europe as well as a birthplace of Renaissance, Florence is a history buff’s delight. Dotted with monuments, churches as well as other sites, this city is termed an ‘open-air museum’.

The Duomo: The Basilica de Santa Maria del Fiore or Duomo, as it was originally called, is really a vast Gothic structure. The making of the cathedral started after the 13th century. It stands at the site of a 7th century church, the church of Santa Reparata. The dome with the church is known as one of the most impressive renaissance projects. In spite of today’s technology, it continues to be largest brick dome. The exterior polychrome pattern of pink, white and green marble is striking. The interior, as though in deliberate contrast is starkly calm. Climbing the 463 steps over the dome’s interior to achieve the lantern for an awesome view, needs to be the top your list.

Battistero di San Giovanni: Through the Duomo cathedral, this octagonal Baptistry is probably the oldest buildings of Florence. Its famous gilded bronze doors were created by Andrea Pisano (south door) and Lorenzo Ghiberti (north and east). In fact, so impressive was the eastern door that Michelangelo dubbed them the ‘Gate of Paradise’. Today what you see is really a copy. The first may be removed for restoration.

Usually do not miss the marble sculptures across the doors. The interiors have mosaics on the apse and ceiling. It also houses many remarkable works of sculpture

Uffizi: With a reputation who’s-who inside the art’s world, Florence’s most well-known museum should be a necessity on your own to-do list. With the Vatican Museums in Rome, oahu is the favorite museum in Italy – and little wonder! This museum stores works of revered artists for example Botticelli, Giotto, Raffaello, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

It had been built in accordance with Giorgio Vasari’s designs as the offices for Florentine magistrates in 1560. Later florence apartments rentals were also brought under this roof so it found house one of the most awe-inspiring art number of the entire world. However, make sure you get a ticket online. The long queues at entrance are as legendary.

Bargello: By reviewing the unlikely beginning as being a prison, the Bargello houses the greatest collection of Gothic and Renaissance sculpture in Italy. Its number of renaissance sculpture is first rate. This is how you will find masterpieces like Donatello’s David, Jacopo Sansovino’s Bacco and Michelangelo’s Bacchus, David-Apollo.

Accademia: Where you can Michelangelo’s David, the Galleria dell’ Accademia will be the next stop by your itinerary. What’s more, it houses Giambologna’s Rape from the Sabines, Boticelli’s Madonna from the sea and Madonna and Child. Again, to prevent long lines reserve tickets by telephone or online.

Piazza della Signoria: Unarguably, the most famous square in Florence, it’s kept its reputation like a political hub through ages. This can be home to a few of Florence’s most well-known buildings such as the Uffizi and Loggia della Signoria.

However, probably the most impressive when it comes to structure remains Palazzo Vecchio. This medieval massive Romanesque palace may be the town hall of Florence. Tourists throng the palazzo’s brilliant public rooms and personal apartments.

The streets and squares of Florence can be a lesson in art history with beautiful sculptures and monuments. We have an unparalleled collection of renaissance art rolling around in its many museums and churches. It is no surprise then that Florence remains a top-notch tourist spot in Europe.

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