Fast and stable servers with instant installation. Price from $10
Are you currently tired of slow connection, steady crashing and lags? Are you looking for a reliable and fast hosting at a reasonable cost? With Themevps servers , you may concentrate on your projects rather than waste some time on hardware issues.

10 main attributes of Themevps:
– No overselling: speed doesn’t drop even when capacity utilization reaches 100%;XEN virtualization.
– Instant installation: operation without downtime.
– Administration: flexible configuration of services to current needs; rapid reconfiguration; installing extra programs and scripts.
– Tier III safety level: 99.98% real safety.
– Free panel ISPmanagerLite 4: basic functionality without overpayments.
– Easy-to-use server: remote access with Root rights; SolusVM user interface; system could be reinstalled and os changed; an exceptional personal account; package of semi-automatic services, etc.
– Guaranteed refund within a week: we are going to refund all of your money for that current period if you don’t like the quality of services provided.
– Exceptional compatibility: the server enable you to efficiently deploy any CMS, Active Directory, DNS Servers, IIS Hosting, Meta4 Trading, Regular Desktop Documentation, General Websites, Forex, Reseller Internet hosting, VPN Tunnel, PPTP, Email Server for Work Group, Teamspeak, Jabber, Backup, Statistic, Intranet System, Database, Game Server MMORPG, etc.

Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney.

Look into the company’s servers within of free test period right now!

Our data centers come in L . a . (USA), Nuremberg (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). *Our Swiss-based servers not simply provide broadband, but in addition have legal immunity on the actions of the police in the us and many Europe. And so the the next occasion you think about safety, remember that Switzerland is known not simply for the banks.

Specification of Themevps popular tariffs:

Flexible Themevps tariff plans let you pay only for anyone capacities that you really need:
SSDVPS2 (2 vCPU: 2xE5-2670, Memory: 2GB, SSD 20GB only $20/month.
VPS Windows (vCPU: 2хE5-2620, Memory: 2048MB, 50GB disk) – only $24/ month.
Server (Dual (2) Intel Xeon E5-2620, Memory: 64GB, 4x1Tb disk) – only $350/ month.
USA: 100Mbp/s;
Switzerland: 1gbp/s;
Germany: 1gbp/s;
Full listing of tariffs-

Each base configuration could be changed inside the widest range and you will reinstall the operating-system for optimum optimization of costs. Because your needs growIn the future, we can easily scale your capacity. Beyond the basic package, you can find these services:
ISPmanagerlite – free.
ISPmanagerPro – $15/month.
cPanel – $15/month.
Additional IP – $2/month.
Additional HDD 50Gb – $10/month.
To get more information about Themevps see this useful resource: click for more info